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Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Strong brand identity design is essential for your business to stand out. We’ll help you create a unified, consistent aesthetic across all channels, from websites and SEO/SEM campaigns to publications, packaging, media and more.

We’ll work with you to identify key elements such as colours, fonts, patterns, logos, images and more – all tailored to fit your unique brand story. With our experience and expertise in design and branding, we can help ensure that your company messages get noticed and remembered.

Developing your brand design


Typography is a crucial part of a brand’s visual identity and plays a significant role in brand recognition and success. A well-designed and consistent typography system can help consumers identify a brand quickly, even without seeing its logo.

Typography can help distinguish a brand from its competitors. By using a unique font or customising an existing font, a brand can create a distinctive look that sets it apart.



Different colours can evoke specific emotions and feelings, so strategically using branding and logo colours can seriously impact how your audience perceives your brand or product.

Selecting the right colours that will work for your industry is essential for creating a recognisable and memorable brand, communicating the brand’s personality and values, standing out from competitors, creating consistency across all brand assets, and enhancing accessibility.



Shapes are essential to brand identity design because they can convey meaning and emotion without words.

Consistent use of shapes throughout a brand’s marketing materials, packaging, social media, etc., helps to reinforce its identity and create a cohesive brand experience. Shapes also help distinguish a brand from its competitors. By using a unique shape or customising an existing one, a brand can create a distinctive look that sets it apart.

Designing your brand identity


A logo is one of the most critical elements of brand identity. A solid and memorable logo creates brand recognition and differentiation, conveys brand personality, builds brand loyalty, and provides consistency across marketing materials.

A well-designed logo is essential to building a strong and recognisable brand identity.


Product packaging

Never underestimate the value of good packaging design. A well-designed package can create a positive first impression of the product and the brand and create more user-generated content that will help increase brand awareness without extra marketing costs.



Without a website, your business doesn’t exist.

A website is essential for establishing an online presence for a brand. It serves as a platform for potential customers to discover the brand, learn about its products and services, and interact with it.

A well-designed website provides credibility to a brand and conveys a sense of trust and legitimacy to potential customers.


Business cards

Business cards are a simple but powerful tool for promoting a successful brand.

A well-designed business card can be memorable and make a lasting impression on potential clients or partners. This can lead to increased brand awareness and future business opportunities.

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