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Krogsveen Corporate Website

Kroogsveen Welding School has been operating since 2008. They specialize in providing high-quality welding training to students of all levels.

Purpose of the site:

The purpose of the Kroogsveen Welding Academy website is to introduce the academy and its services to potential students, and to encourage them to take the next step in their welding journey.

Target Audience:

The primary target audience for the Kroogsveen Welding Academy website is individuals interested in pursuing high-quality welding training. This includes prospective students of all skill levels who are seeking information about the academy’s training programs and services. The audience may consist of individuals considering a career in welding, those looking to enhance their existing welding skills, or anyone interested in the welding profession.

Main functions and features of the site:

  • Overview of the services provided by the school.
  • Possibility to choose course that meets the user’s needs.
  • Possibility to apply for the course.

Appearance and design of the site:

Kroogsveen Welding Academy’s website is modern, clean, and professional.



The color scheme of the site, consisting of midnight blue and orange, creates a contrasting and dynamic effect. Midnight blue evokes a sense of calm and stability, while orange evokes energy and activity.

Midnight Blue


Blaze Orange


Slate Gray


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