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Kraabmod website-catalogue

Kraabmod specializes in crafting bespoke aluminum profile systems for interior design, blending advanced technology with meticulous craftsmanship to deliver premium-quality solutions.

Purpose of the site:

The Kraabmod website serves as a comprehensive platform to showcase their diverse range of products and engage architects, interior designers, and construction professionals seeking innovative solutions for their projects.

Target Audience:

Architects, interior designers, and construction professionals.

Main functions and features of the site:

  • To present Kraabmod’s portfolio of aluminum profile systems for doors, windows, partitions, and more.
  • To demonstrate real-world applications of Kraabmod’s products in residential and commercial spaces.
  • To learn how Kraabmod can tailor aluminum profiles to specific project requirements.
  • Access to technical specifications and CAD drawings for seamless integration.
  • To collect inquiries, consultations, or quotes via contact form.

The website is available in four languages: Estonian, Russian, English, and Finnish. This provides convenience for our clients and partners from various countries and language groups.

Appearance and design of the site:

The website’s sleek design reflects Kraabmod’s brand identity, offering an intuitive and engaging user experience for visitors.


In general, the color scheme of the site evokes a feeling of calmness and tranquility. It captures attention and assists users in swiftly navigating the site.

Dark Gray




Light Gray


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