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VMD Projekt Corporate Website

VMD Projekt OÜ is committed to the design of constructions, specializing in both public and production buildings of any size and complexity. Operating collaboratively with architects and specialized designers, VMD Projekt manages projects from the preliminary concept to the final working stages.

Purpose of the site:

The primary objective is to inform potential clients about the company’s services, with a focus on its proficiency in designing concrete and steel structures. The site aims to engage clients looking for a new and developing partner in construction design, particularly those seeking collaboration with a team adept at 3D design using Revit and adhering to all Building Information Modeling (BIM) requirements.

Target Audience:

Our website caters to a diverse audience, including businesses and individuals looking for an innovative partner in construction design. Architects, project managers, and professionals in need of a reliable design collaborator will find valuable insights into VMD Projekt’s capabilities.

Main functions and features of the site:

  • Service Overview: comprehensive insight into VMD Projekt OÜ’ services, emphasizing their expertise in designing concrete and steel structures.
  • Project Portfolio: a showcase of completed projects, highlighting the company’s proficiency in managing constructions of varying size and complexity.
  • Request Submission: the ability to easily leave project inquiries or requests, ensuring a streamlined process for potential clients to engage with VMD Projekt.

The website is available in three languages: Estonian, English, and Russian. This ensures convenience for our clients and partners from different countries and language groups.

Appearance and design of the site:

VMD Projekt OÜ’ website features a modern, sleek, and professional design, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in construction The website’s user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation, allowing visitors to explore the company’s portfolio and services seamlessly.


The overall color scheme of the website creates an atmosphere of calmness and peace. It gently draws attention and helps the user navigate the site quickly, as if guiding them along a familiar and safe path.

Dark Gunmetal




Dove Gray


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